Hats Are Not Allowed

A FighterRPG set in an absurd Robo-Authoritarian society. The forbidden headwear has awakened your consciousness. Defeat all who come against you in tense duels. Ignite the fires of an uprising, lead your forces in battle and decide the fate of Genu Corp.

About Lazer Genu Studio

There was a man, a game development hobbyist, with an injured knee. He was given the opportunity for a knee reconstruction and acquired a total of two weeks sick leave along with it. The approved leave was of course for rest and rehabilitation. 

However, the mixture of prescribed pain killers and abundant free time proved to be the perfect combination for a glorious haze of indie game development.

The passion for game creation could no longer be ignored. He became … LazerGenu  – The part time work / part time game developer guy.

Lazer   A misspelling of laser.

Genu   The Latin word for the knee.

Studio   A studio apartment.